Conversion Disorder: It's A Disorder, Not A Decision

Conversion Disorder is one of four conditions that falls under Somatoform Disorders. Somatoform disorders happen when psychological problems are manifested through physiological symptoms. With conversion disorder, there are chief complaints of something like blindness or paralysis with no organic causes. The person suffering truly is experiencing the symptoms (they really can't see or talk or move), but from a medical perspective, there is "nothing" causing it.

Not everyone who suffers from Conversion Disorder suffers the same symptoms. Everyone's journey is unique. I know I have experienced most of these symptoms at one point or another, but depending on the day some may be more prominent than others. Then, there are the really good days where I feel "normal" and have feeling back in most of my limbs. The most important (and kindest thing) you can do for yourself is to learn to be patient with your body and yourself.

Don't worry about others and what they may think of you and trust me, I know it is easier said than done. I know what it feels like to have people talk about you, mock and ridicule you and say "she's just doing it for attention" or "it's always something with her". If you are going through this, from the bottom of my heart... I AM SO SORRY. I know what it feels like to hate yourself for not having control of your body, feeling like a burden to those around you and just wanting to end it all because life seems pointless when absolutely no one takes you serious, including the doctors. It sucks. If it wasn't for God, I WOULD NOT BE HERE. But He reminds me of my purpose here on Earth everyday and gives me the strength I need on the daily becase I am too weak on my own.

1. NO. We are not faking it or "doing it" out of convenience or manipulation.

2. Poor balance and coordination

3. Paralysis in an arm or leg

4. Inability to speak (speech loss or stuttering)

5. Vision problems (blurry, double vision, or blindness)

6. Deafness

7. Seizures or Convulsions (non-epileptic seizures or "pseudo" seizures)

8. Short-term memory loss

9. NOT the same thing as malingering (malingering is INTENTIONALLY faking symptoms for personal gain and attention)


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